President’s Report

Hello and welcome to the Australian Sheep Dog Workers’ Association Incorporated’s website

Through this Covid period, the main area of focus has been on team representation of the 2021 Wayleggo Cup test team, if Covid, and increasing costs allow it.
The executive have kept this focus with the main question that needs to be answered at this point is, “what is in the best interests of the 2021 Wayleggo Cup and team”.

At the 24 June 2020 meeting, the 2019 team motion was voted down in a tie as States could not agree. So, at this point, there was no team and no selection process in place to select a team prior to a scheduled 2021 Supreme in Tasmania. Amidst this confusion, the ASDWA received a querying letter from Tasmania requiring immediate answers for the team selection.

This executive is placed in a difficult situation where due process was followed and the States could not find a resolution.

We are in unprecedented times and with an uncertain future, and as a consequence the executive invoked Rule 30 of the Supreme Rules. The executive has at all times had the best interests of the organisation at heart and worked within its constitution and supreme rules. With this process, the selected Jury has enabled a workable solution to move forward with a future selection trial to be held. This includes the 2019 Dalby team who earnt the right to compete in the Wayleggo Cup in 2020 which has not taken place.

Finally, thankyou again to the executive, the state delegates, the jury and all actively involved ASDWA members who all look forward to future dog trialling with our good health. The value of your volunteer time is greatly appreciated.

ASDWA President

Grant Cooke